"Dollarino is the first major reaction that acts as an anti ETF coin, standing on behalf of those who want to generate their own negotiation on ETFs in order to be able to diversify their existing portfolio."



Where Entertainment Meets Rewards in an Innovative Anti-ETF Environment


Dollarino opposes traditional ETF structures, promoting decentralized, user-driven dynamics.



Dollarino delivers fun and engaging experiences to users through diverse entertainment elements.



Users earn incentives within the dollarino ecosystem for active participation and contributions.


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Dollarino Token presents a compelling case for an anti-ETF and community-driven alternative in the crypto market.

$DOLS is now available on Konto.com

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The economic structure of Dollarino is not only a reflection of its values but also a strategic framework that aligns with the principles of the traditional crypto market.

  • Ecosystem sustainability: 6.3%
  • DEX & CEX Liquidity: 48.7 %
  • Game and community rewards: 45%
  • : %

Dollarino isn't just a digital currency, it's a complete experience, redefining how users enjoy entertainment and earn rewards in a secure and captivating environment.

The strategy focuses on game and rewards distribution, community engagement, strategic partnerships, global awareness, and continuous improvement, positioning Dollarino for long-term success and adoption.

Our Roadmap

1st Chapter

Token Launch and Distribution

Launch Dollarino Token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Begin distributing tokens to early adopters and participants in the community.

2nd chapter

Distribution through Game and Rewards

Dollarino Token utilizes a crypto game for token distribution, fostering engagement within a community. The inclusion of a rewards system extends Dollarino's utility beyond the game, attracting a diverse audience and reinforcing its alignment with traditional crypto market principles.

3rd Chapter

Strategic Partnerships and Exchange Listings

Forge strategic partnerships with projects sharing similar values. Pursue additional exchange listings to enhance liquidity and accessibility, ensuring that Dollarino is available on reputable platforms.

4th Chapter

Community-Building Initiatives

Implement community-building initiatives, community channels and challenges. Foster a sense of belonging and active participation within the Dollarino community.

5th chapter

Continued Community Engagement

Sustain ongoing community engagement efforts, including AMAs, interactive content, and reward programs. Encourage user-generated content and foster a strong and resilient Dollarino community.

6th chapter

Integration in more Gaming and Software

Expand Dollarino's integration into other gaming environments and software applications. Develop partnerships with gaming platforms and software developers to showcase the token's versatility.

7th chapter

Security Audits and Continuous Improvement

Conduct regular security audits and implement improvements based on community feedback. Prioritize the security and integrity of the Dollarino ecosystem to ensure a safe and trustworthy environment for users.

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Dollarino is a cryptocurrency that aims to provide a secure and decentralized digital currency for global transactions and financial inclusion.

Dollarino integrates entertainment by collaborating with content creators, gaming platforms, and other entertainment services. Users can enjoy a diverse range of activities within the Dollarino ecosystem, creating a unique and engaging experience.

The maximum supply of Dollarino coins is capped at 9.900.000.000 coins.

Cryptocurrency regulations vary by country. It's your responsibility to check your local laws and regulations regarding the use and ownership of cryptocurrencies like Dollarino.

Dollarino's unique distribution strategy involves a crypto game that not only facilitates the fast and widespread distribution of the token but also integrates it seamlessly into the hands of those aligned with the principles of the traditional crypto market.